by Minkyung Kwon

The Sorcerer is the main villain from the Crystal Skylines of JIUDIWORLD. Magic-type Sisters, in their combined power, seek to break from the evil captivity of their father and ultimately take over the generational family wealth and stockpile of the deep plum chroma, a core power resource and currency in the Crystal Skylines.

First Appearance 10/20/2023
Map JIUDIWORLD: Crystal Skylines
Character Profile
Class Sorcerer
Rank Boss
Hair Colour Deep Plum

Two halves of a whole, each making the other greater, to the point where they become so much more… this is The Sorcerer. Two sisters, whose grace and power is renowned throughout the city and beyond, and who any sensible citizen knows are always watching. Born to one of the powerful houses in the city, their strange powers were known to their family from an early age. Attempting to hide the burgeoning might of their daughters, they were locked away in a tower of steel and glass, the penthouse of their father’s skyscraper. From there they could look down upon the world, and see the chaos and disorder that ruled it, and it confused them. Their two minds were as one, harmony, united in one person. Why was the rest of the world so different? So wrong? In their veneered cage their power only grew, feeding off one another, becoming linked in ways far beyond the physical or emotional. Eventually, as they turned eighteen, the moment was right, their power at its zenith. They unleashed a wave of cyber-magic so powerful it shattered the skyscraper below them, sending waves of glass crashing to the ground. In a single instant their father’s empire was wiped out, and with it a new one was born, subservient to the two figures who emerged from the buildings twisted metal spine. With money, power and a vision, even the weakest person can achieve great things. When two sisters, united in purpose and complete in their eccentricities combine, there becomes no such thing as impossible. In place of their father’s ruined tower they built a new monument of steel and glass, one that touched the sky, twisting in impossible shapes as their magic formed its geometric perfection. By the time they were done the city stood in awe, and all those who served their father either swore loyalty to them, or were swiftly and brutally disposed of. Now from their tower they see the corporate world spread before them, and they see how to release the innocent and the enslaved from its bonds, freedom through servitude. And God help any who stand in their way.


The Sorcerer Sisters wear opposite yet coordinated garments. The Elder sister wearing a structured white top paired with a black steel-boned corset and the Younger sister wearing a similar top in black with a worn in white lace vest layered on top. The deadliest of plum, lavender and chrome claw-like nails adorn their hands and are extension of their magic power. The mystical sibling’s are accessorized with piercings and jewellery, markers of their family lineage and wealth. The source of their power is the deep plum chroma equipped to their legendary weapons. The moment the deep plum chroma was equipped each of the sisters grew a single mirrored colour streak of the same deep plum shade. This an indicator of their immense mana level. The rumours say The Sorcerers ceased their family’s surplus pigment potion, VIVID SERIES* Colour #01 when they broke away from their father’s grip.



Both sisters’ are equipped with their signature weapons, 2 mirrored sceptres with scythe-like blades worn like a hair pin or bodkin that deal maximum MP damage and drain the mana from their opponents, exponentially growing their magic capacity. It seems as though they have no limit. Placed in its core is a deep cyan chroma that holds the sisters’ skill boosts and summon abilities.


Chroma are items in JIUDIWORLD that allow the inhabitants to enhance expression abilities and boost stats. The spectrum of chroma correlates to a range of attributes derived from colour pigments found in plant life discovered in the various parts of JIUDIWORLD. Chroma is the crystallized, most concentrated version of the colour pigments found in JIUDI’s pigment potions.

Pigment potions are items in JIUDIWORLD formulated using colour pigments blended with a conditioning cream that inhabitants and visitors to JIUDI can apply to the hair. Pigment potions like VIVID SERIES* Colour #01 have transformative and healing properties for those who want to express boldly.