by Minkyung Kwon

The launch of JIUDI set out to escape the weird world and build a world where true expression is supported and hold the feeling of finding identity as a guide for this project and create a space where declaring it across all realms with no reservations is the norm. JIUDI’s first collection, SOFT SERIES* is a hair colour collection was born out of a nostalgic revisiting and deep dive into childhood loves in the name of design process and inspiration. This unique assortment of small-batch, semi-permanent hair colors introduces an on-going series of colours in a range pastels and soft neons. The three colours that kicked off the series nods to an iconic anime character from a psychological-apocalyptic-mecha drama anime, a favourite childhood dessert that is an undeniable delicious delight, and the plushy, sparkly good feels of the McBling era and aesthetic.
Name Soft Series
Type Hair Color
Discovered 01/22/2022
Art Direction JIUDI
Lighting Judy Gu
Hair Colour/Styling Stephanie George
Styling Angie Jayasinghe
Makeup JIUDI
Agency Sutherland Models

The JIUDI hair colour formula is a buttery smooth conditioning potion that blends hair/scalp healing ingredients, full coverage pigments and a minty cool.

1. Cruelty-Free & Vegan: The JIUDI formula is 100% cruelty-free and vegan formula. (It’s simply the bare minimum!) Each colour is developed with a commitment to ethical beauty, ensuring that all visitors of JIUDI WORLD can express themselves guilt-free.

2. Small Batch: In our commitment to support small vendors/labs and be conscious of waste and the space we take up in the world, a small batch approach to the first collection was obvious. JIUDI is dedicated to offering a unique, carefully crafted and curated colour range.

3. Hair Health Forward: Watching the trends in other corners of the beauty realm like skincare first makeup and the rise of scalp-care, the JIUDI formula fits in comfortably with ingredients like Vitamin B5 and Hydrolyzed Rice Protein. Prioritizing hydration and repair from any potential damage during the bleaching process.

4. No Harsh Chemicals: With the inspiration for this collection being a look back to childhood, the era of box-dying your hair is absolutely canon but the harsh chemicals stop here. Made without Sulphates, Phthalates, Parabens and is Ammonia-Free, Peroxide-Free, Ethanolamine Compounds-Free (MEA Free, DEA Free, TEA Free).


SOFT SERIES* COLOUR #00: REI is a soft and spacey blue, giving Rei Ayanami.

SOFT SERIES* COLOUR #01: LONA is a pastel green reminiscent of a fave childhood dessert, Melona.

SOFT SERIES* COLOUR #02: HARO is a sweet fantasy plushy pink, a staple colour from all imaginary realms. A small little homage to one of our favourite little mecha-droid characters, Haro. (aka Mr. Pink)

Colour #00 REI
+25 → Agility
+77 → AP
+61 → Revival
Colour #01 LONA
+43 → HP
+82 → Heal
+33 → Luck
Colour #02 HARO
+58 → Cuteness
+79 → Luck
+22 → Attack

SOFT SERIES* isn't just a hair colour collection; it is a small part of a large scale project that will always celebrate individuality, diversity, and the freedom to express oneself. Welcome to JIUDIWORLD.