by Minkyung Kwon

The Outlaw is the main villain in the lawless lands of JIUDI. A powerful fugitive, their ultimate goal is to be the sole holder of all of the deep ruby red chroma, a core power resource and currency in the lawless lands.

First Appearance 10/20/2023
Map JIUDIWORLD: Lawless Lands
Character Profile
Class Outlaw
Rank Boss
Hair Colour Deep Ruby

Stalking the desolate and lawless lands, six shooter in their holster, hair blowing in the arid wind, The Outlaw takes no prisoners. Their past is as mysterious as their present, and how she ended up prowling the lands beyond civilization is unknown, the only information being their face on a wanted sign and the rumours that blossom behind their, like flowers with petals of blood. Some say she was a city rat, spat out by society and determined to take their revenge. Others claim she was once a lady of high standing, until some great betrayal forced their to take justice into their own hands. Others still believe she is a daughter of the wilderness, the barren wrath of the unknown made flesh and blood. All the stories agree on is that to cross their is a death sentence, and to fight their is a fool’s errand. It's important to realize that this is no dashing outlaw, the mere murmur of their name strikes fear into bandits, civilians and police alike. Of course she has a particular hatred for the law, and strikes them down with extreme prejudice when she gets the chance. So much so that many of those who try and enforce the law beyond the city fear for their lives, constantly watching their back for the monster in the shadows. And while sometimes she isn’t… sometimes she is, and when she is, the screams of the dying break the silence of the dead plains.


The Outlaw wears a blood-red snakeskin pants layered with durable silver buckled leather chaps. A strappy triangle top, an armoured lace-up shoulder plate, and adorned in studded leathers. The sharpest of red and chrome talon-like nails decorate their hands. The Outlaw’s skin is tattooed and accessorized with piercings and jewellery that contain the stories of their command of the badlands. The source of their power is the deep ruby red chroma equipped to their strongest weapon. This saturates each of their long braids, eyebrows, makeup and is an indicator of their power level and HP. It is told that The Outlaw keeps a stockpile of pigment potions: VIVID SERIES* Colour #00 so bountiful that it could restore colour to the barren planet.



Both braids are equipped with The Outlaw’s strongest weapons, 2 corded and spiked whips tipped with sharp spurs that deal maximum MP damage. Placed in its core is a deep ruby red chroma that feeds The Outlaw their skill boosts and command abilities.


Chroma are items in JIUDIWORLD that allow the inhabitants to enhance expression abilities and boost stats. The spectrum of chroma correlates to a range of attributes derived from colour pigments found in plant life discovered in the various parts of JIUDIWORLD. Chroma is the crystallized, most concentrated version of the colour pigments found in JIUDI’s pigment potions.

Pigment potions are items in JIUDIWORLD formulated using colour pigments blended with a conditioning cream that inhabitants and visitors to JIUDI can apply to the hair. Pigment potions like VIVID SERIES* Colour #00 have transformative and healing properties for those who want to express boldly.