by Minkyung Kwon

The Controller is the main villain of the seedy city center called Synthara of JIUDIWORLD. A powerful cybernetic, her ultimate goal is to seek revenge on the city’s tech giant, at all costs. Just a bonus that The Controller would have access to the city’s reserve of the deep cyan chroma, a core power resource and currency in Synthara.

First Appearance 10/20/2023
Map JIUDIWORLD: Synthara
Character Profile
Class Controller
Rank Boss
Hair Colour Deep Cyan

In the city’s seedy underbelly, far beneath the watchful eye of the law, people and robots become one and the same. Individuals replace so much of their body with tech that their very humanity comes into question, wondering at what point they become more machine than man. There is of course an easy answer to this – when they can be controlled. And this is exactly what happens, when in the middle of the night a seemingly benign civilian kills a politician, or a schoolteacher robs a bank, you know why. The Controller. An Urban Myth few know as all too real, the controller was once human, as regular as regular gets. Like many trapped below, she slowly replaced her body with steel and wire, only tiny things, a replacement finger, a new part of her spine. It was not until she lost her eye in an accident that everything changed. Whatever the cyber-doc put in her head, it was no mere cybernetic eye, instead a supercomputer of unbelievable power, a relic of some long ended arms race. And with it came power, power to break into the programming of other cybernetics, and power to control them. She started small, making a street thug punch himself in the face, or a cop trip over his own leg. But power once gained is not eagerly ignored, and now any who cross her find themselves mere puppets of her will, to do with as she pleases. They say she hears voices, that the eye contained a virus which corrupted her brain. Whether or not this is true, all that is certain is she is unpredictable as she is cruel, going from maddening laughter one moment to deep morose the next. All you need to know is that whatever her mood, you best stay away if you value your freedom, and if you value her life. She is a cautionary tale to children, a warning against becoming a machine. Invite circuits into your body, and the Controller will follow. And the scariest thing of all? They’re right.


The Controller wears a network-like knit top paired with protective cyber-rave arm sleeves. A chrome mini-skirt, studded belt, and leg wear with inscriptions seen in old text files from this planet. The sharpest of deep cyan and chrome blade-like nails decorate their hands. The Controller is accessorized with piercings and jewellery that store data that could destroy the legacy of countless prominent figures. The source of their power is the deep cyan chroma equipped to their main weapon. This pigments their wolf-cut hairstyle and is an indicator of their power level and HP. It is said that The Controller commands a vast network of underground warehouses that stores their inventory of pigment potions: VIVID SERIES* Colour #02.



The Controller’s main weapon is a pair of corded headphones with knife-sharp spiked details for close-range combat. The heavyweight cord – a cybernetic attachment fused to her spine offers long range heavy attacks that deal maximum HP and MP damage. Placed in its core is a deep cyan chroma that connects The Controller their skill boosts and command abilities.


Chroma are items in JIUDIWORLD that allow the inhabitants to enhance expression abilities and boost stats. The spectrum of chroma correlates to a range of attributes derived from colour pigments found in plant life discovered in the various parts of JIUDIWORLD. Chroma is the crystallized, most concentrated version of the colour pigments found in JIUDI’s pigment potions.

Pigment potions are items in JIUDIWORLD formulated using colour pigments blended with a conditioning cream that inhabitants and visitors to JIUDI can apply to the hair. Pigment potions like VIVID SERIES* Colour #02 have transformative and healing properties for those who want to express boldly.